Wildlife conservation in Africa

Jackal Connect

Where inspiration leads to conservation

Our programme of High Performance, Leadership and Team workshops draw upon the primordial leadership and team skills displayed by African animals in the wild. By way of thanks to our 'teachers', profits from our In-Africa workshops are reinvested back into various conservation projects.

Jackal Connect is our non-profit making conservation company set up with award-winning Discovery film-maker, Rob Harrison-White and is based in South Africa

Through its research both within and outside Game Reserves, we are focused on trying to find more eco-friendly solutions to Predator management on farmland - to both reduce the incalculable destruction of wildlife on farmland caused by current control practices including poisons, dog hunting and gin-traps - as well as to limit losses attributed to wild animals within the livestock industry.

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In supporting the farming community and wildlife of Africa
we help protect their future to enhance yours!