Meet the team

Lindsay McKenna Limited Team Lindsay McKenna - Managing Director Lindsay McKenna
Lindsay McKenna - author, facilitator, consultant and product development

Lindsay's passion is in developing our products and services and seeing the support become reality for our clients.

Lindsay delivers inspirational presentations that breathe fresh air into the sometimes dry world of High Performance Teamworking and Change Management.

Lindsay's other passion, which is fully entwined with the business, is conservation. She is a director and sponsor of Jackal Connect, a not for profit South African conservation company.

Kevin Boult - Operations Director Kevin Boult
Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer

Kevin is responsible for the operational side of the business, delivering many of our workshops himself. Whether it is High Performance Teams, Personal Skills or Change Management, he has a story to tell.

He drives the team for "Delivery Excellence" on a consistent basis by ensuring that we are tough on our own performance and have stretching personal development plans. Kevin creates a forum where new ideas and approaches are shared across the team.

Lesley Ray - Financial Controller Lesley Ray
Post-workshop feedback, invoicing

Lesley is our Financial Controller responsible for Accounts Received, Accounts Payable, Payroll and General Ledger and is known at least once a week to say that she loves figures!

Has a fantastic eye for detail and scrupulous down to the last penny, she is invaluable. Lesley also consolidates all our workshop feedback and ensures all delegates receive their certificates.

Terry Wickenden - Operations Manager Terry Wickenden
Workshop facilitator, IT, photographer

The few lucky ones that have already met our Terry know that he specialises in our change management series working with clients from Canada to Australia and everywhere in-between. Terry brings a strong supportive challenge into the workshops, a pragmatic, sleeves rolled-up approach and years of experience.

This role allows Terry to explore his other passion - technology - as he writes all our software systems and patiently shows us how to use them. Terry also works with Frank ensuring our driver software packages are regularly enhanced and responsive to research findings.

Nick Davies - Associate Nick Davies
Facilitator and Consultant

Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience from his time at Vodafone using the Lindsay McKenna change frame, and now plans to put this to good use helping companies in programme and project start ups

Nick's approach is one of hands on, rapid intervention and support post training. The skills transfer during this process ensures new project leaders grow in confidence and the company is soon self sufficient in PM skills

Steve Morris - Senior Consultant Steve Morris
Workshop facilitator, product development

Steve's greatest love is ensuring every workshop he delivers is as fresh and new as the last. He has a knack of drawing people into territory that they would otherwise have shied from, combining high challenge with sensitivity and insight.

Steve collaborates with Lindsay on the development of new products and workshops, coming up with new and unusual ways of illustrating key points. In fact he is great at inviting people to pick up hard hitting insights into what is really going on.

James Graham - Associate James Graham
PMP Foundations & Exam Prep specialist

James ensures all our workshops are fully accredited with the Project Management Institute and brings a wealth of project and portfolio experience to bear across multiple cultures.

Based in Malta and experienced at working across the globe, James offers our clients genuine depth of experience and expertise.

Zack Great Dane Zack
Zack - news hound and guard dog

Zack is the office guard dog of newsletter fame. Large, even for a great dane, Zack happily shares his office bed with two black kittens.

Zack has been known to be invited to join events by our clients where he delights in greeting everyone each morning before retiring to observe the workshop unfold from the comfort of his sheepskin rug.

Bill Brittain - Associate Bill Brittain
Facilitator and Consultant

Bill is a long time associate of Lindsay McKenna Limited having been with us from the start of the company.

Bill's constant quest for self-development sees him in the middle of a Ph.D. on virtual teamworking! Bill's dynamic and challenging style with a great sense of humour ensures that the experience with Bill will never be forgotten.

Frank McKenna Professor of Psychology Frank McKenna
Lecturer and Speed Awareness expert

Frank divides his time between Professor of Psychology at the University of Reading and developing programmes for Perception and Performance.

A long term interest in road safety and driver behaviour led Frank to develop a scientifically based interactive software tool for drivers, that profiles their performance and risk on the road. This product is being extensively used across the UK as part of the speed awareness programmes and by businesses intent on enhancing employee safety on the road.