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Meet the animals

At Paddocks Farm we have a wide variety of animals from rare breeds to exotic birds.

Micro pigs for sale Shetland donkey cross
These delightful micro pigs are for sale Our "shonkey" - a shetland pony/donkey cross
Ben and Jake the Great Danes Close up of an emu
Ben and Jake on guard Watch out for the emus
alpaca and emu Alpaca
An alpaca and emu come face-to-face An inquisitive alpaca
Lambs Ram
Some of our 2009 lambs Our magnificent ram
Frank with the cows Dexter and calf
Frank with the Dexters Dexter with its calf
Kune Kune Pigs Rabbits
Our Kune Kune pigs The "free range" rabbits
Cat on the prowl Kitten
Cat on the prowl A kitten
Peacock Newly hatched chick
A peacock displaying his finery Newly hatched chick