About our Special Services

These services are focused on ensuring that the people, passion and pragmatism is brought into how changes are managed and teams work, with new practices becoming a habit, a way of life, in our clients' business.

Business Audit

Using a combination of tools and techniques which include: interviews, diagnostics, surveys and workout sessions, key challenges, strengths and priorities are identified with a recommended choice of actions to address each one.

Meeting Facilitation

How many meetings are really productive, where relationships and teams are strengthened and tasks progressed? Unfortunately not many. This is were the services of an experienced facilitator can be invaluable.

Conferences & Presentations

Want your conference to be thought provoking, educational and real fun? We offer conferences themed on the rich topic of change and teamworking - a potent combination of exercises, striking film footage and interactive presentations.


Our team of highly experienced consultants can provide a range of additional services, from Coaching to Deployment Support, aimed at assisting your business to achieve sustained success in an ever-changing business climate.

On Line Guide Books

Electronic versions of our Mastering Change Through Project Management and Practioner's Guide To High Performance Teamwork.