Business Audit

An environmental audit of a business is often the first step undertaken by a business determined to improve on how changes are managed and teams operate. This audit fast tracks insight and understanding, surfacing what is really going on so that any actions embarked upon deal directly with the issues and opportunities.

The audit process includes a combination of tools and techniques which include: interviews, diagnostics, surveys, review of policies and procedures and practices, focus groups and workout sessions.

A comprehensive written report forms the structure for a client meeting, detailing key challenges, strengths and priorities with a recommended choice of actions to address each one.

Conduct your own mini audit

If you are not sure whether a Business Audit is the best way forward, why not conduct your own mini audit. Below are links to PDF versions of two templates that may help you.

  • Team Killer Checklist: Use this template to assess how far these killers are in your business
  • Portfolio-Fitness Review: Use this template to assess how healthy your business is when it comes to selecting and prioritising projects

If you have any questions regarding these templates and the results you encountered, please don't hesitate to contact us.