Consultancy Services

Our small team of highly experienced consultants are on hand to provide a range of additional services aimed at assisting your business to achieve sustained success in an ever-changing business climate.

One on One Personal coaching

Coaching helps to inspire and engage people, challenge their perceptions and change their thinking. It can enable the people who work in your company to shed new light on their potential and their business objectives.

We provide coaching support to key people involved in any major change initiative who would greatly benefit from the opportunity of one-on-one personal coaching designed to help them lead the changes in, or cope with the changes confronting them.

We also provide personal coaching support to executives, high potential employees and employees who are at a critical crossroads regarding their performance or career choices.

The relationship between coach and learner is very important, so we have a small team of consultants available to ensure the right match.

At the beginning of the coaching process, the learner and their personal coach jointly determine the learning goals and the coaching process, and establish a contract between them. Clear learning objectives are established from the outset and continuously monitored.

Find out more about our Coaching for High Performance workshop.

Deployment support - change management

Introducing and then sustaining a common approach to the management of projects is desired, highly beneficial yet difficult to accomplish. We provide organisations with a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to making this happen.

An integrated approach to Change Management.

Deployment support - high performance teamworking

Our consultancy support is designed to ensure that the business environment and senior leadership provide positive reinforcement for participants in the workplace and that a common approach to teamworking is implemented and remains sustainable.

Consultancy support for securing high performance teamwork.

Project Clinic

Project clinics enhance and build upon the lessons learned in the change management skills workshops, providing project leaders and their teams with an in-depth focus on one or more of the steps in the Project-Change Frame®.