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Change Management and High Performance Team Training Literature

When developing workshops, our consultants spend a lot of time reading round the subject, searching out new thinking and making sure they have as much information as possible. Below are just some of the books that we have found useful.

Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Coleman
On the psychology of military incompetence, Norman Dixon
Riding the waves of Culture, Fons Trompenaats & Charles Hampden-Turner
Simplicity, Bill Jensen
New Thinking for the New Millenium, Edwarde De Bono
Time to Think, Nancy Kline
Fatal errors managers make and how you can avoid them, W. Steven-Brown

Our High Performance Teamworking Series makes many references to the way animal teams work in the wild so we have also included some background reading on the featured animals.

The Serengeti Lion, George B Schaller
The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals, Richard Despard Estes
The African Wild Dog, Scott Creel & Nancy Marusha Creel
When elephants weep, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Susan McCarthy
Pyramids of Life, Harvey Croze, John Reader