Glossary of Terms

This glossary contains definitions used by the Project Change Frame® and other methodologies supported by Lindsay McKenna Limited.

A number of definitions are taken from the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®) from the Project Managment Institute. These are denoted by having (PMI) at the end of the definition..

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Gantt Chart
Graphical representation of activities within a project over time. The duration of each activity is shown as a bar, the ends of which correspond to the start and end date of the activity. See also Bar Chart.
Gateway Criteria
Very general criteria applied at the start of a Project-Portfolio review, such as checking whether the Project Proposal meets the definition of a project, or if it duplicates work already in progress.
These enable rapid identification of Project Proposals that will not enter the Project-Portfolio and so require no further attention.
The desired end result, which can be defined as a specific measurable accomplishment to be achieved within a specified time and cost constraint.
A Goal is typically shorter-term than a Vision, and is often en-route to the achievement of a Vision, but is worthwhile in itself whether or not the Vision is achieved.
'Go Do It' Ideas
Improvement ideas which do not require a Project Team or a great deal of resource to implement.
A category or rank used to distinguish items that have the same functional use (e.g. "hammer"), but do not share the same requirements for quality (e.g. different hammers may be built to withstand different degrees of force)> (PMI)
Ground Rule
Agreed behaviours that the Project Team will adhere to during the Project.

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