Glossary of Terms

This glossary contains definitions used by the Project Change Frame® and other methodologies supported by Lindsay McKenna Limited.

A number of definitions are taken from the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®) from the Project Managment Institute. These are denoted by having (PMI) at the end of the definition..

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Near Critical Activity
An activity that has low total float. (PMI)
Negative Float
A condition noted in project management software that indicates less than zero float. This condition is usually caused by using imposed dates and is an indication to the project manager that the schedule must be adjusted. (PMI)
Network Diagram
A diagram that focuses on the workflow of the project activities, and makes transparent the real constraints and opportunities for making adjustments to the Plan, if work either falls behind schedule or is progressed ahead of schedule. See also Arrow Diagramming Method and Precedence Diagramming Method.
Unwritten expectations and beliefs that influence and shape behaviour and are part of our daily existence.

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