Why High Performance Teamwork?

Unfortunately teams don't just happen. Yet we constantly meet Leaders who do not believe in or value the need to create and work with a team. Thus they attempt to do it all themselves, or if their first attempt at building teams doesn't produce instant results, quickly revert to a do-it-yourself approach.

Result,the rich resources of a team are diluted into one task focused leader and disengaged under utilised Team Members watching on the sideline.

Reality it takes conscious effort and intervention to shift a collection of individuals to a team that feel accountable and committed to their goals and are in a position to optimally perform as a team.

But is becoming a team a real choice? Take Project Teams - often expected to rapidly form and immediately perform, combining their expertise to solve problems, earn the trust and commitment of those affected and deliver change to a pre-determined timetable. Some expectation! For some teams, let's add the complexity of matrix, virtual and cross-functional working.

Just think:

  • What could you really achieve and go for if you knew that everyone would go flat out for the team and its goals?
  • What are you prepared to contribute and offer when you are on a team compared to a group?
  • What issues and obstacles emerge as a result of the 'team' not working well together?
  • How much energy and time is diverted from progressing the work into poor relationships, unresolved conflicts, miscommunications, absenteeism from meeting and unmet commitments?

Group versus Team

So how does a group differ from a team? There are many differences between a group - which basically remains a collection of individuals - and a team, where fusion and cohesion between individuals is required.

for a chart describing and comparing groups with high performing teams and assess how far your teams for real or in name only!

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