More Lessons from the Wild

Female ElephantElephant

The leader of the herd adjusts her pace so that everyone in the herd can keep up.

There is little point in leading from the front if people are not with you or able to keep up.

African Wild DogAfrican Wild Dogs

Enjoy one of the highest success rates in catching prey - 85% - due to the supreme effectiveness of their teamworking.

The big prize can be out of reach and lost to competition if teams do not collaborate.


In the middle of a Buffalo hunt they will never start chasing a warthog.

You get what you focus on, so prioritise and stay with it, then significant rewards can be achieved.

LeopardDont take the 'I' out of teams.

Help each team member answer the 'what is in it for me' question and make a connection between their personal goals and aspirations and belonging to your team.

When a predator succeeds in killing its prey, it will remain ever watchful for other predators and scavengers looking to fight them for it. When you have the goal in sight, don't relax until it is really accomplished otherwise you can lose all the benefits.

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