Project Leader Assessment

As a project leader, how are you going to know whether you are fulfilling the role effectively in the eyes of your team? It is important to get feedback from your team, as your perception of how you behave is interesting but it tells you only how you feel about it; unless your team's experience matches your own view. Receiving feedback from others, especially if you have rarely done this before, can be daunting and hurt you. However, it is only when you know what people think that you can start to address concerns and build on what is working well.

Click here to print out a Project Leader Assessment Form to then find out what your team thinks about your leadership.

Some pointers ....

  1. Allow the assessment to be completed anonymously
  2. If people identify themselves on the report, never use their comments against them, even in a supposed joke. This could destroy any chance of receiving further honest feedback and could seriously undermine your credibility and the trust placed in you.
  3. On receipt of the reports, simply thank them.
  4. When you review the reports do it on your own, as your facial expressions can be a window to your true thoughts and feelings. It may not be easy to appear appreciative of their honesty!
  5. Remind yourself not to justify or defend. Your team's perceptions and feelings are valid, whether you feel you earned these views or not.
  6. Give yourself time to speed read all the reports to obtain a general impression, then re-read them to look for commonalities, patterns and differences between reports.
  7. Decide what aspect of the feedback you are going to work on and what this means in reality.
  8. Prepare a communication with the team to share your impressions, future intended actions and to thank them for their honesty.
  9. Repeat the feedback process a few months later to see if, in their view, you have started to address concerns and build on the positives.

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