About our Change Management Series

"Work is now conducted using a disciplined approach ensuring attention to all stages of the [change] life cycle"

Johnson & Johnson
South Africa

This series is designed to help businesses excel at managing change; providing a common framework, workshops that engage employees at every level, complimented by comprehensive support materials and consultancy support.

At the heart of this series is the Project-Change Frame®. This approach is refreshingly practical and pragmatic without being overly prescriptive and without the bureaucracy that haunts many methodologies.

A genuine fusion of the people and technical aspects of selecting, prioritising and delivering projects and programmes of change. A potent combination which helps people to commit to changes and ensures that changes are not only successfully implemented but - just as important - are sustainable once a programme or project is completed

Project-Change Frame®

A flexible framework mapping the entire project journey. Compatible with Prince2 and Six Sigma.


Comprehensive guidebooks and toolkits designed to help secure transfer of approach and skills into the workplace. Also available in electronic format.


A comprehensive set of templates to cover every eventuality. Downloadable post workshop attendance.

Strategic Change

Targeted at senior leadership teams who are embarking on significant change, requiring the management of multiple projects.

Project-Portfolio Management

Enables senior leadership teams to manage their project-portfolio, offering a process, tools and essential skills.

Programme Management

Examines the human, cultural and procedural aspects of managing a programme to achieve significant change and long-term business objectives.

Project Sponsorship

Tackles the dual responsibility of ensuring the project is viable, delivered with benefits realised and the project leader is equipped to perform.

Project Management

A powerful combination of the people and technical aspects of managing a project from startup to implementation and beyond. Refreshingly pragmatic.

Advanced Project Management

Focused upon the personal journey that a project leader needs to make to survive and thrive through the life of a project.

Project Team Membership

Understand the project process and learn what it really means to belong to a project team and make an effective contribution from day one.

Stakeholder Management

How to manage stakeholder expectations, communications, emotions and resistance. Build positive commitment throughout the project and beyond.

Project Toolbox

Explore and apply a rich range of project management tools. Understand how to get the best from the tools and when to apply them.