Advanced Project Management - The People Matter

"for a project to be managed, the change it creates must be managed"
"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I really enjoyed the course and took to heart a lot of the things you said."

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This workshop builds upon the workshop Mastering Change through Project Management with its focus upon the progression of a project through the Project-Change Frame®.

Here the focus is upon the personal journey that a project leader needs to make, to take themselves and others with them through the life of a project. Equipping the project leader to anticipate, understand and deal with the inevitable challenges, pressures and complexities.

This is about moving beyond 'time, cost and quality' to embrace high-performance teamwork, stakeholder commitment and customer satisfaction, providing an in-depth focus upon the often neglected and hardest part of project management, the people.

This workshop tackles head on how to help people to commit to changes and ensure that changes are not only successfully implemented but - just as important - are sustainable once a project is completed:

  • The sponsor whose backing is needed
  • The customers whose requirements need to be understood and satisfied
  • The project teams, who need to rapidly shift from a collection of individuals into a team capable and committed to achieving their project goals
  • The stakeholders, whose lives may be changed by the project

The pace, focus and breadth of each session will depend on the participants' requirements, experience and any agreements with the client prior to the event. Optional specialist sessions are available on request to meet the client's specific requirements.

Workshop outline

Gives details of all the standard sessions, however we are always happy to customise this workshop to meet your specific needs.


This workshop typically runs over 2 days

Target participation

Programme Managers, project leaders and team members,

  • looking to enhance their change management skills and insights
  • looking to improve their personal effectiveness and impact in the role of project leader
  • about to embark on, or involved in a major project or programme and want to know how to get the people committed and inspired
  • who are familiar and experienced with the technical aspects of managing a project and now want to master the people side of change

Support material

All delegates receive an Advanced Project Management workbook which follows the progress of the workshop and offers a rich source of tips and insights.

Ongoing development

One-on-One coaching is also available either by phone or in person.

Workshop Outline


A lively, fast-paced introduction that sets the tone and grabs immediate attention and interest. Includes: review of agenda, ground rules, expectation-setting and an exercise providing data on current personal change challenges.

The scene is thus set for a challenging learning experience which requires participants to be fully present, prepared to explore and experiment with concepts, practice skills and to give and receive feedback with colleagues.

The Project-Change Frame®, players and guidebook

Participants recap and explore the Project-Change Frame®, support materials and players, ensuring a common understanding of the definition of a project and the journey a project needs to take to secure success.

Infectious change

What really goes on when people are involved in change, why is change such a challenge, how does change really affect us and in turn how can the project leader positively "inspire" others.

Insights are gathered that enable project leaders to recognise where they and others are in the change process and to make appropriate and effective interventions.

Leadership change audit

An opportunity for each participant to evaluate and reflect upon their skills, attitudes and capacity for change. The results alert participants to where they may need to fine tune their skills set.

Performing under pressure

Involved in projects then pressure is inevitable. This session explores pressure points throughout the life of a project. Tips and tools guide how to manage and present yourself when under pressure and how to prevent pressure from escalating into stress that threatens personal health and project performance.

Personal impact

The project leaders credibility and ability to influence and be heard can be critical for how a project is perceived and supported. This session explores some powerful tools and techniques for enhancing impact at those critical moments, the project presentations and meetings.

Crucial conversations

It's a rare project leader that can rely on positional power to make things happen. Instead in our matrix, complex and electronic world, the project leader has increasingly had to rely on their personal commitment and ability to make the project happen. Being able to have the right conversations is central to the ability to engage others, promote openness and learning and tackle the tough people issues.

This session explores the crucial conversations to have with the customer, sponsor, team members and stakeholders - moving beyond the often superficial exchange of data to conversations that have meaning, impact and positive outcomes.

Living leadership

This session is designed to challenge leaders to confront their attitude to leadership and assumptions about teamwork, understand the impact they have on project team performance and then strengthen their leadership effectiveness.

Facilitation for fast results

Getting results through others is fundamental to success as a project leader whether the others are team members, stakeholders or a steering committee. This session explores the facilitation skills, tools and approaches to improve the quality and effectiveness of problem solving and solution generation sessions.

Meetings that Matter

For many projects the only time the team comes together is at the good old project team meeting. Thus again a real pressure point and opportunity to engage and secure results. Participants explore the ingredients required for great project team meetings, how to prepare for them and make them work.

Cultural readiness

This session gets to grips with some critical challenges, including what is culture, how to assess and improve the readiness of the business to accept and buy into the changes the project is there to bring about and then how to sustain them post project.

Practical organisation

For many project leaders the pressure comes from juggling multiple projects as well as the day job. This session explores how a project leader can manage this pressure point with practical organizational tips as well as tips on managing line management expectations, asserting needs and clarifying requirements.

Leadership change audit - action plans

Participants return to their initial audit and applying the crucial conversation skills work in pairs to determine a personal action plan that is committed to and realistic.

From workshop to workplace

Participants conduct a formal review of their own contribution to the learning experience and the quality of the workshop and materials.