Project-Change Frame®

Change Management Workshop - Project-Change Frame

The Project-Change Frame® puts the people, passion and pragmatism back into project management without being overly prescriptive and without the bureaucracy that haunts many methodologies. Liberating projects from over-zealous delivery schedules and well crafted Gantt charts that fail to map onto reality.

Based on complete clarity at every stage, this approach captures the project's journey from the point of approval by the business until the desired changes have been implemented and are sustainable by the receiving customers and stakeholders.

It pulls together into one integrated package, two often separated disciplines, project management - the 'hard' stuff such as definition, measurement, planning, finance, monitoring, risk issues and opportunity management; and change management - the 'softer' side of change such as securing customer satisfaction, stakeholder identification and involvement, building high performing project teams, managing suppliers, and developing a productive sponsor-project leader relationship.

"key to Lindsay McKenna's philosophy is covering the project framework with all the human aspects that go along with it"


It is this true blend of the hard and soft that makes this approach so powerful and real, giving people a fighting chance of success. Even in areas that appear 'hard', like developing and managing the project finances, real life flows in. For example, we work through how to engage the project team in developing and then owning the project resources, how to ensure customers and sponsors understand the implications of any budget cuts and how to cope with seemingly impossible levels of funding for the outputs sought.

Our clients adopt the Project-Change Frame® as is, select from it, or enhance their own by mapping their own specific project flow onto it. The Project-Change Frame® is compatible with and complimentary to Prince2 and Six Sigma.