Putting People, Passion and Pragmatism back into Change Management

Lindsay McKennaLindsay McKenna Limited is an international business specialising in Change Management, Leadership and High Performance Teamworking.

Every year the annual planning process and strategic retreats see businesses make grand statements about the changes they will bring about, but few get themselves fit and capable for delivering them. So what is required to engage and involve all levels of the business? How can every role, including customers and stakeholders, contribute effectively and be held accountable for project success?

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Yet if projects are about change and building a future, why are so many people so lukewarm about projects?

Project management these days can seem very dry and technical. It's all about charts, equations, budgets and reports. Somehow the people, passion and pragmatism have been lost along the way.

Take a fast-moving, lively and interactive look at the Project-Change Frame®, a powerful and unique fusion of the people and technical aspects of project management. Designed to engage all levels of a business in the quest to master change and address the fundamental issues associated with project prioritisation and management.

In this session provoking debate and packed with tops and practical illustrations we will cover:

  • How to ensure that the right projects in the right order are selected and non-viable projects rapidly identified and closed down
  • How to move beyond 'time, cost and quality' to also embrace high performance teamwork, stakeholder commitment and customer satisfaction
  • How project leaders can shift a collection of individuals into a high performing team, from passive bystander mentality towards full-blooded commitment
  • How to engage stakeholders and customers from the start of the project, building their commitment to your changes as opposed to exciting their resistance at implementation
  • How to integrate your changes into the business of market place such that the desired benefits are realised and the changes are sustainable over time.

The author of the Practitioner's Guide to Mastering Change through Project Management will present this session.