Change Management Templates

"I have used the templates quite a few times and we don't seem to have the hiccups that we used to"

DePuy GB

Our Change Management Series come complete with a set of professionally developed electronic templates for project-portfolio management and project management.

These templates are detailed and you can see worked examples in our guidebooks. They can be customised to ensure best fit with your business with our own logo to enhance ownership. Their usage helps support the sustainability of a common approach to Project Management.

The following templates which support Project-Change Frame® are downloadable from our web site and will be made available upon completion of your workshop.

Project-Portfolio Fitness Review

Project Proposal Form

Team Health Check List

Fitness for Sponsorship

Project Leader Assessment Form

Partnership Contract

Programme Contract

Project Contract

1st Formal Sponsor Review

Customer/Supplier Agreement

Stakeholder Log

Progress Report

Team Contact Sheet

Teamworking Charter

Stakeholder Status Grid

Stakeholder Involvement Plan

Business Commitment to Changes Checklist

Stakeholder Survey

Risk Reduction & Contingency Plan

Opportunity Plan

Issues Log

Change Request Form

Change Log

Project Finance Sheet

Formal Sponsor Review

Monitoring Checklist

Problem Check Sheet

Opportunity Check Sheet

3rd Formal Sponsor Review

History of Change

4th Formal Sponsor Review

5th Formal Sponsor Review

Change Integration Checklist

6th Formal Sponsor Review

Project Review Form

Team Member Review Form

Peer Review Form

Project Leader Review Form

Team Meeting Evaluation Form

Feedback Evaluation Form

Team Commitment Sheet