Change Management: An Integrated Approach

This Change Management series is designed so that businesses can address how projects are initiated, selected, prioritised, tracked, managed and sustained, with every employee and supplier equipped to fulfil their role. With common approaches, skills workshops for every role, consultancy support, facilitation services and comprehensive toolkits.

Key Outcomes

  • Clear accountable roles and structure for project leaders, sponsors, project team members, stakeholders and suppliers
  • A process for ongoing selection, prioritisation and communication of project-portfolios ensuring that the organisation's committed changes can be and are delivered by the projects invested in and that non viable project, overlaps, conflicts and resource issues are transparent
  • A framework and common approach for managing projects, which can be repeated and mastered and is not haunted by bureaucracy
  • Growing employees confidence, commitment and ability to manage complex projects and people issues with additional valuable new processes, tools and techniques
  • A comprehensive set of tools and reference material providing ongoing support to employees as they apply the approaches and try the skills
  • Raise the value and recognition of projects in the business as a profession, a key skill to acquire and a key driver of the future
  • Opportunity for formal qualification through the Project Management Institute.

At the heart of our change management approach lies the Project-Change Frame®, a common approach to how projects are delivered which puts the people, passion and pragmatism back into project management without sacrificing the essential 'hard' aspects. The Project-Change Frame® and associated support material guides each project from selection and approval, right the way through to successful implementation and beyond.

Inspirational in-depth products and workshops combine with bringing customers face-to-face with the grit and grunt required to secure genuine commitment and sustainable change.

To obtain further information on our change management series, please call us and a real person will be there to talk to you.

Assessing Current Status

A useful starting point is the business audit, a comprehensive assessment of your organisation's current change management gaps and strengths, resulting in some fact-based recommendations and focus on the priority challenges and requirements.

Project-Portfolio Management

Even the best project methodology cannot make up for a bad choice of projects. Therefore our initial focus is upon the project portfolio, providing a framework, tools and training for the selection, prioritisation and tracking of all live project, those in the pipeline and those completed, to ensure the benefits are realised.

The project portfolio also frames the business with a narrative that grabs people - telling a story about how a business intends to create a future and where people fit into this. It shows exactly how the promise of change will become a reality by visibly linking projects (the tactics) to each business strategy and goal.

Project Management

Once a strong project-portfolio process is in place, the next focus is on supporting the business in how to introduce and adopt a common approach to project management that sticks and becomes a genuine way of life. Our clients either adopt the Project-Change Frame® as is, select from it, or enhance their own by mapping their own specific project flow onto it. The Project-Change Frame® is compatible with and complimentary to Prince2 and Six Sigma.

Our Workshops

We offer a comprehensive range of Change Management workshops aimed at every level of the business from senior leaders to inexperienced team leaders. Top quality support materials ensure a smooth transition from workshop to workplace.

Everything we do is firmly rooted in our client's reality, with the here and now issues and obstacles being tackled. Clients' project-portfolios, projects, programmers and teams form the basis for all learning and discussion

To compliment our Change Management series, we also offer training in specialised areas designed to enhance Management and Personal Skills across a range of business scenarios.

The management of change inevitably relies on teamwork, whether it is a senior decision-making project-portfolio team or teams of employees introducing a common approach to project management.

Our High Performance Leadership and Teamworking series aims to create teams that embrace change and take their success from project to project.