Mastering Change through Project Management


Project Templates

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Key Sponsorship References

Key Point Summaries and Checklists

Executive Overview of Guide Contents

Introduction to Mastering Change through Project Management guidebook

Chapter 1: How to get the best from this guide

Chapter 2: Project Management and Change

Chapter 3: The Project-Change Frame

Chapter 4: The Players

Chapter 5: The Birth of a Project

Foundations of Project Management
Leading Project Management

Chapter 6: The Right Sponsor

Chapter 7: The Right Project Leader

Chapter 8: Perfect Partnership

Chapter 9: Getting Organised for Success

Chapter 10: Getting the best out of a Steering Committee

Definition of Project Management

Chapter 11: Creating the Project Contract

Chapter 12: Understanding Customer Requirements

Chapter 13: Identifying Stakeholders

Chapter 14: Measuring and Reporting Progress

High Performance Team Training

Chapter 15: Putting the Team Together

Chapter 16: Working effectively with Team Members

Chapter 17: Building a High Performance Team

Chapter 18: Understanding how people respond to change

Chapter 19: Building Stakeholder commitment

Chapter 20: Supplier Management

Principles of Change Management

Chapter 21: Establishing a Communication Infrastructure

Chapter 22: Managing Risks and Opportunities

Chapter 23: Managing Issues

Chapter 24: Managing Changes to a Project

Planning Project Management
Preparing Project Management

Chapter 25: Development Planning

Chapter 26: Managing Project Finance

Development of Change Management

Chapter 27: Monitoring and Corrective Action

Chapter 28: Getting to the Optimum Solution

Implementation of Change Management Preparation for Change Management

Chapter 29: Assessing Business Readiness for Roll Out

Chapter 30: Strategies for Change

Chapter 31: Creating the Change Management Plan

Installation of Project

Chapter 32: Managing Changes into the Business/Marketplace

Chapter 33: Monitoring and Corrective Action

Integrating Change Management

Chapter 34: Integration and Handover

Chapter 35: Completion and Closure

Reviewing Project Team Reviewing Project Management

Chapter 36: Reviewing the Project and Team

Chapter 37: Post Project Reviews


The Project-Change Frame Toolbox