Mastering Change through Project Management Guidebook

"I was extremely impressed with the course structure and especially the textbook ... so much more user-friendly than the standard reference books"

This handbook is part of an integrated package of support designed to help businesses excel at managing change and is structured around Project-Change Frame®.

Lively, practical and comprehensive, offering an unequalled depth and breadth of knowledge, skills and tips. It deals head on with the realities facing sponsors and project leaders throughout the life of a project, making it a genuine reference tool and journey companion.

The usual dry text book theory is replaced with practical action oriented tips, text, worked examples, tools, and key documents. Designed to appeal to those who want infinite detail on every step, to those who like a quick overview, knowing that the detail is there if required.

Also available in electronic format.

Additional Information

Given to delegates attending the following workshops:

Advanced Project Management Workbook; Project Portfolio Management handbookAdvanced Project Management Workbook

A comprehensive workshop designed to give maximum support in the workplace. This workbook is crammed with instantly useable tool, tips, techniques and exercises.

Accompanies the Advanced Project Management workshop

Mastering Change through Project-Portfolio Management

This book covers the how. How to set up, review and sustain a healthy project-portfolio, including examples of selection criteria to use, how to organise a project-portfolio, update one and communicate it and a useful meeting blueprint for how to run a project-portfolio review meeting.

Accompanies the Mastering Change through Project-Portfolio Management workshop