Mastering Change through Project-Portfolio Management Workshop

"Even the best project methodology cannot make up for a bad choice of projects."

Bringing about successful and sustained change often leads to great rafts of projects, each dealt with in isolation and all appearing to require immediate attention. Grasping the bigger change picture is an art in itself and therefore the initial focus is upon the project-portfolio, providing a framework, tools and training for the selection, prioritisation and tracking of all live projects and those in the project pipeline. This support provides a decision-making framework within which delegates learn to work collaboratively to create, track and maintain a healthy portfolio of projects.

"Exposed many holes in our portfolio management"


The resultant project-portfolio frames the business with a narrative that grabs people. It tells a story about how a business intends to create prosperity for itself and its employees. Practising project-portfolio management guides leaders into the future of their business, into what is really required to realise the commitments they have made to employees, shareholders and corporation.

Workshop outline

Gives details of all the standard sessions, however we are always happy to customise this workshop to meet your specific needs.



Typically combined with a 1-day Mastering Change through Project Sponsorship

Target participation

Real teams with responsibility for one or more project-portfolios.

Support materials

'Mastering Change through Project-Portfolio Management': A comprehensive guidebook designed to help business teams create and then maintain a healthy Project-Portfolio. Delegates will also be given a link to our website from which essential portfolio templates can be downloaded.

Next steps

We would recommend that the consultant facilitates at least the first post-workshop project-portfolio management meeting. This gives the client the opportunity to consolidate on all the processes covered in the workshop and to ensure new improved habits form.

Workshop Outline


Expectations and objectives are established and the agenda summarised.

Introduction to portfolio management

Portfolio Management is defined and explained, being positioned as the gateway for any new project to start and also the arbiter of its continuation.

The benefits and implications of practicing or neglecting Portfolio Management are identified, with participants critically reviewing the current status of their business and functional portfolios.

Leaders are challenged to confront their current leadership effectiveness, and consider how practicing Portfolio Management increases team effectiveness and strengthens the leadership role.

Getting started

Participants explore the different types of project-portfolio and determine the numbers and levels that fit their business structure. Participants are then guided through a step-by-step approach to creating the portfolios.

A healthy portfolio

Participants identify and agree the criteria to use when evaluating the health of their portfolio. The way in which people respond to change and their ability to cope with it is linked to the proper management of the Project-Portfolio and its communication.

The portfolio ‘review meeting’ framework

Participants are guided to make decisions on how new proposals are processed, and work through a six-step Portfolio-Frame complete with recommended selection criteria, meeting agenda and templates.

The teams are challenged to reach agreement on how they want to operate and to modify the process and criteria to fit their needs as they work through this session.

Portfolio in practice

Participants are alerted to the fact that the people aspects of managing a portfolio can be the most challenging, and experience this first-hand when working through simulated portfolio reviews, where team decisions are required on which proposal to progress or reject.

Portfolio tools are introduced to help the team structure their discussion better and secure consensus and clarity.

Implementation of project-portfolio management

The consultant facilitates the team as it works through the application of the process and tools post-workshop - helping the team develop realistic plans and expectations and turn talk into credible commitments, with diarized dates and measures of success.

Implementation of project management

If the team is also deploying the project management methodology, practical assistance is provided to help the leaders play a visible and positive role in its deployment.


Participants review the strengths and gaps of the day and the key lessons they will apply in the workplace.