Programme Management

This workshop examines the human, cultural and procedural aspects of managing a coordinated programme of change to achieve significant change and long-term strategic business objectives.

Participants experience a powerful combination of the "soft" and "hard" aspects of managing change, including working effectively with Project Leaders and their teams and maximising return on investment (ROI) whilst minimising risks and issues. The focus will be on maintaining control over a complex dynamic structure.

Project management experience is assumed. Some knowledge/experience of strategic or business planning is also beneficial.


From 1 to 3 days, in combination with the Mastering Change Through Project Management workshop.

Typically this workshop is combined with consultancy support and meeting facilitation to prepare for and support the changes as they happen.

Target participation

Boards of Directors working to implement major change through an interdependent set of projects, whilst maintaining stability and structure within the business.

Programme Managers, Programme Directors, Business Change Managers and Senior Project Leaders participating in a programme of change.

Anyone responsible for managing strategic business change, planning, prioritising and supporting business objectives, working through multiple projects.

This workshop is also suitable for the advanced training of senior and very experienced project leaders.

Typical sessions include

  • Establishing the difference between a project and a programme
  • Defining, or ensuring, alignment for the business vision which gives rise to the programme goal, and understanding the relationship between the business objectives, the programme, and its associated projects
  • Understanding how a project progresses through the Project-Change Frame®, and how this and other project management tools and techniques form the platform for programme management
  • Structuring the change programme, consolidating projects and aligning them to business strategy
  • Understanding how to effectively manage the essential programme management processes, including structure and management of programme team, stakeholder management, planning, monitoring and reporting, to maintain control of a complex range of activities
  • Understanding the processes for assessing and managing opportunities, issues, risks and changes to the programme throughout the life of the programme
  • How to build commitment for the changes from the start as opposed to managing resistance as implementation commences
  • How to track and manage the programme benefits
  • How to carry out formal reviews of a programme throughout its life, and manage its closure where appropriate
  • Managing the relationship between projects and project teams.

We will, of course, customise this workshop to meet your specific needs.

Support material

Ongoing development

One-on-One coaching is also available either by phone or in person.