Leading Strategic Change: Support Programme

This programme of customized workshops actively supports senior leaders to effectively deliver a significant organisational change.

To lead the change, the leadership team will need to work effectively as a team, establish the programme structure, roles and ways of working, communicate the change, manage the project-portfolio, sponsor the projects, and understand how their project leaders will be progressing the projects.

An experienced facilitator will work with top leaders guiding them through their real change challenge from vision setting to implementation and ensuring sustained change and benefit realization. The technical and personal aspects of change management are blended with a strong focus on the team's own contribution and effectiveness.

Target participation

  • Board of Directors
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Vice-Presidents and their direct reports
  • Sponsors of the changes
  • Human Resources


Typically a series of modules tackling the change challenge in real time combine with day to day consultancy support and hands on delivery of key aspects of the change. The team brings their real changes to each module with everything being firmly rooted in the issues, opportunities and needs of the change under progression.

Support material

Participants are provided with an extensive practical tool kit and templates customized to the needs of the change programme and enabling a common approach to project management to be adopted by everyone working on the programme.