About our Personal Skills Series

This unique series of workshops offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a workshop or programme specifically aimed at real time challenges in a real time world. Created using a carefully blended mix of research, experience and theory, these workshops are aimed at you.

Experience a rich combination of insight, tools and tips with challenging skills enhancement and comprehensive support material. Bringing the human dimension fiercely into focus alongside the technical and process aspects of each skill area.

We have painstakingly dissected these "virtues" into interrelated learnable skills. Take a look and pick up the phone to talk through these experiences in more detail.

Coaching for High Performance

How can you truly help raise someone else's performance? Letting the learner learn and take accountability for their development.

Facilitation and Meeting Skills

It can be amusing to watch somebody flap and flounder in a meeting. Don't be that person, learn to prepare rather than have to repair.

Advanced Facilitation

Move into high profile active facilitation where interactions have to be fine as silk and strong as steel.
A challenging development session.

Influencing without Authority

Blend insights and skills on a journey of enlightenment. Interactive sessions encourage learning through doing.

Conflict Resolution

Not for the faint hearted, conflict resolution is possibly one of the most challenging facets of the leadership role.
Not to be undertaken lightly.

Performance Management

This is about the hard "now" of managing poor performance; how to establish trust, excite accountability and work through resistance and concerns.

Problem Solving

On average a manager solves about 2,300 a year. Will next year's solutions be as good as this years? Give your mental muscle the workout it deserves.

Decision Making

Fast, faster, yesterday!
Fast decisions are easy. Quality decisions that people can commit to need a little more skill.

Powerful Presentations

How can you make an impact from the start and come out from behind your script and deliver. Richly packed with tops, tools practice and feedback.