About our High Performance Teamworking Series

The High Performance Team series offers businesses an opportunity to fundamentally address their leadership effectiveness and team working capabilities. It introduces a common language and approach to teamworking; shifting team membership from passivity, or "every beast for himself", into full-blooded involvement; helping team leaders resist the tendency to give up on their team and become "Lone Rangers".

This series takes people back to the basics about human interaction and is helped in this by drawing on lessons from the wild, with analogies and striking footage, taking teams back to a setting where effective teamwork is still the difference between life, death and species survival.

Team Performance Chart®

A graphic representation of the nine essential elements required for successful high performance and how to accomplish them.

Support Material

Comprehensive guidebook with over 100 ready-to-use tips and practices to achieve real teams and keep them there! Also available in electronic format.


A comprehensive set of invaluable electronic templates to select from. Downloadable from our website post-workshop.

Leadership Diagnostic

Providing leaders with feedback and insights about their impact and effectiveness on those who work with them and for them. A focused start point.

Team Diagnostic

Provides comprehensive data on a team's strengths and weaknesses. A start point for candid conversation and issue resolution.

Accountable Roles

Identification and clarification of roles is the first step towards accountability. It is key to achieving and sustaining high performance teamworking.

Executive Workshop

Executives focus on how they can create a culture where teamworking thrives. An exploration of the skills and insights that can make this happen.

Leadership Workshops

A 2-part programme of development focused on equipping leaders with the insights to help a collection of individuals covert to a high performance team.

Team Start Up Workshop

Process, tools and techniques for progressing to high performance; teams are challenged to confront their strengths and gaps to secure increased effectiveness.

Team Build Workshop

Building on Team Start Up, a further two days of support focused on team challenges, issues and needs. With tools & skills to move from competence to high performance.

Leading Virtual Teams to High Performance

This workshop deals with the how. How to build and sustain a team that may rarely or never meet. Complete with a virtual team starter kit.

Virtual Team Membership

Dedicated to helping members of virtual teams understand and deal with the unique challenges facing them. Packed with practical take-aways and thought provoking insights.

The Virtual Team Start Up

The virtual team is guided on how they can work together to optimise their strengths, manage the virtual challenges and progress their task certain that there is alignment to goals.