Nine Essential Elements for High Performance

A common approach to teamwork: a robust repeatable process that can be mastered. Real benefits are derived when new teams can start up and team members can move from team to team and feel instantly "at home" with the approach being taken and the language and tools adopted. A great way to secure focus, speed and effectiveness.

Our consultancy support ensures that this common approach to teamwork becomes a way of life in your business, with our workshops, guidebooks and templates bringing it to life.


High Performance Team Training: Engaging The essential elements for engaging create the foundation on which high performance teams can be built. These elements are:

  1. Purpose: The fundamental reason behind creating a Team and committing valuable business resources to support it in achieving its goals.
  2. Commitment: A conscious decision, taken individually and collectively by the Team, to dedicate time and energy to achieve the purpose and goals set by the business.
  3. Trust: A decision by all those involved in meeting the Team goals, to rely on each other's competence and integrity to achieve success.


High Performance Team Training: Enabling The enabling stage provides the core requirements for how the Team will operate and how individuals and Stakeholders will contribute to that operation. These core requirements are:

  1. Capability: The skill, knowledge and capacity of the individuals, Stakeholders and Team to perform the required tasks, to the agreed timescale, to ensure the goals are achieved.
  2. Accountability: The acceptance by all parties of the responsibilities of individuals, Stakeholders and the Team in the achievement of the Team's goals.
  3. Principles: The agreed "rules", processes and norms which help shape and govern how the Team works together to achieve its goals. These principles provide the glue which keeps the Team together, and the necessary clarity and structure from which greater creativity, efficiency and risk-taking can emerge.


High Performance Team Training: Energising The elements of energising provide the Team with the fuel to overcome obstacles and create innovative solutions on the route to success. These elements are:

  1. Creativity: The fostering of a team culture and environment which stimulates the creation, capture and implementation of innovative ideas.
  2. Responsiveness: The capacity of individuals and the Team to react positively and effectively to unforeseen obstacles or changes.
  3. Recognition: The continuous appreciation of individual and team efforts, which contribute to the building of the Team and the achievement of their goals.