Leading Teams to High Performance: Lessons from the Wild

“A lone wild dog will not bring down a wildebeest or a zebra, but a pack will take on the prey and vanquish it”

African Wild Dog Lindsay McKenna Limited is an international business specialising in Change Management, Leadership and High Performance Teamworking, including special events in the African Bush where lessons are learned from the wild.

It is vital for a team to learn to work together, trust one another, and find out how to combine their individual and collective strengths to produce the best possible results.

But do leaders know what it takes to turn a collection of individuals into a high performing team?

This session provokes the audience to think through how far they assume that groups of people will perform as a team, with no conscious leadership intervention and support and how far the focus of their teams is upon the task to the neglect of the team. It is designed to challenge Leaders to confront their attitude to leadership and assumptions about teamwork, acting as a catalyst for strengthening their effectiveness and commitment.

A Practitioner's Guide to High Performance Teamworking The author of the "Practitioner's Guide to High Performance Teams" outlines what it means to belong to and lead a high performing team, and the skills, products and tools to get there. Shifting team members from passivity, or "every beast for himself", into full-blooded involvement; helping leaders resist the tendency to give up on their team and become "Lone Rangers".

Not for the faint hearted, as striking animal analogies and film footage taken from our South African based conservation company, takes leaders back to a setting where effective leadership and teamwork still means the difference between life, death and species survival. And the challenge is posed

“can we really be task effective without being team effective first.”