Leadership Effectiveness Diagnostic

The purpose of this report

This diagnostic complements our high performance teamworking methodology and its associated consultancy, guidebooks and skills workshops. The diagnostic is a web based tool that targets key areas with which leaders need to be able to accomplish in order to give their teams the best chance of getting to high performance. A start point for focused support. Identifying strengths, successes and areas for improvement. Targeting areas for attention and a baseline from which progress can visibly be measured.

This report falls under nine headings, which correspond to nine attributes identified as essential if a leader is to achieve high performance with individuals or through a team:

  • Visionary/inspirational
  • Innovator
  • Strategic planner
  • Coach and mentor
  • Counselor
  • Leader and partner
  • Resource manager
  • Motivator
  • Facilitator

What can your leadership diagnostic report tell you?

The Leadership Effectiveness Diagnostic (LED) report provides a "snapshot" of a leader's current level of performance, as experienced by the people being led by them working with them, or leading them.

How is this report then used?

This report can be the start point for personal coaching support and/or the report findings are integrated into our leadership skills workshops which are designed to raise awareness of each of these qualities as a key factor in performance and to offer firm foundations for their mastery.