A Practitioner's Guide to High Performance Teamwork

"I have been dipping in and out of your reference material over the last 48 hours and am finding it invaluable!"

B.N.P. Paribas

A Practitioner's Guide to High Performance Teamworking This guidebook has been designed to accompany our leadership and teamwork skills workshops. It appeals to everyone, from those who want infinite detail on every step to those who like a quick overview, knowing that the detail is there when required.

The lively, colourful, easy-to-follow style and clear structure makes it an essential companion. The usual dry textbook theory has been replaced with practical, action-oriented tips, text, worked examples, tools and key documents, enabling the team's sponsor, leader and members to pick and choose the most useful elements for them according to the size, nature and complexity of the team’s goals.

Guidebooks whose value is evidenced by the absence of dust! Instead, with delight we see our guidebooks with well thumbed, coffee stained pages and multiple post-it notes on favourite pages.

Also available in electronic format.

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