Team Templates

Our High Performance Team Series come complete with a set of professionally developed electronic templates.

These templates are detailed with worked examples in our guidebooks.

They can be customised to ensure best fit and have your business logo inserted. Selecting a few of these templates for use by all teams can help in the adoption of a common approach to team start up, development and closure.

Templates are made available upon completion of the workshop.

Team-killer Checklist

Fitness for Sponsorship

Team Leader Assessment Form

Team Contact Sheet

Partnership Contract

The Team Health Checklist

Team Meeting Evaluation Form

Team Brief

The Trust Gauge

Feedback Evaluation Form

Team Commitment Sheet

Teamworking Charter

Team Behaviour Checklist

The 6D Thinking Frame

Progress Report

Change Request Form

Change Log

Suitability for Virtual Teamworking

Stakeholder Log

Stakeholder Status Grid

Team Member Review Form

Peer Review Form

Team Effectiveness Review